Taijitu inside of a Lotus

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Taijitu inside of a Lotus

BALANCE: the taijitu symbol represents the balance between the opposites. The Yin and the Yang, the male and female, the positive and the negative, the dark and the light. Accepting the fact that it is only because of the existence of one that the other exists. Also the dots represent the existence of one within another. Just a little bit of Yin within the Yang.

PURITY AND DETACHMENT: the lotus flower represents purity of mind, body and soul as in nature it floats above the muddy waters with its long stalks. It also represents detachment from suffering the worldly consequences of existence just as the drop of dew or rain gently drips off its petals into the water without effecting it.

Putting them together, for me, represents how life should be lived. Accepting the balance and working on purity and detachment. And this is how i live my life everyday also what i teach to my clients. Remembering that although pain in eminent, suffering is always optional.

– Dr. Ibrahim Siawash

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