Cognitive Hypnotherapist | Organizational Psychologist | Corporate Trainer

Realizing Your Full Potential

Dr. Ibrahim Siawash is a Psychologist, USA certified hypnotherapist, certified corporate trainer and a motivational speaker. For nearly a decade he has studied human beings to answer one question, "why people do what they do" and finally not only he has been able to beat poverty, depression and addiction but he has been able to help over 4,000 clients reach their highest levels of potential. He strongly believes that you should be the best that you can be in every aspect of living.

For his corporate clients he works actively to stay updated with latest instructional designs, human potential management, Organizational Development Strategies, mixed with customizable training contents, topped with energy and fun. Having worked with hundreds of participants of varied national and multinational corporations, he promises only results.

With an MSC in clinical psychology, MS in organizational psychology, certificates in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, instructional design and adult learning, with a doctorate degree in alternative medicine including homeopathy and Chinese medicine, Ibrahim Siawash is well-equipped to help you recover from your psychological (conscious and unconscious) challenges, reduce the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and journey with you on the road to success, happiness and fulfillment.


“ I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk “


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