Corporate Learning Interventions

Unleashing the Power of Human Resource

We offer a series of customizable in-house learning interventions that will help your organization increase employee performance, commitment and enhance work engagement. Training and development is no longer about just imparting knowledge because in this world of information, knowledge is available online for free.

An effective learning intervention utilizes the scientific tools of human psychology to create an EXPERIENCE that first and foremost is memorable. We use several mnemonic tools paired with modern adult learning theories to help overt and even covert learnings which will reveal themselves as latent learnings in the right situation and when required. Secondly a learning intervention must be motivational for the participants in such a way that they Will implement gained competencies despite unfavorable work culture or climate.

We are absolutely committed to create an effective training that will create an impact on personal, group and organizational level. To ensure that, we utilize cutting edge techniques of learning and development and the best practices of Instructional Design.


Training Need Analysis

With the mutual accord of the management and a focuse group, our consultants will identify.Observable Behaviour and  Attitudes required for optimum performance


Training Delivery

The Customized training is delivered using the leading edge techniques and current theories of adult learning and motivation  .We create a paradigm shift and enhance competencies to achive optimum performance.


Training Reinforcement

To ensure the effectiveness of the training ourconsultants will visit the organization posttraining and interview the management and participants on implementation and possible barriers towards 100% effectiveness of the learned competenicies.

Our Services Have Been Satisfactorily Provided as Below:

* HONDA, LESCO, LWMC, ICI, BASF Chemicals (Communications and Interpersonal Skills) 
* World Bank, Bhule Shah Packages (Team Building and Professional Skills) 
* Bank Alfalah Ltd. (MTO Campus to Corporate and Professional Skills)
* TPL Corp. TPL Trakker ltd. (Business Writing, Personal Grooming, Presentation Skills, MS PowerPoint) 
* Sapphire Textile Ltd. (Communication Skills, DISC Personality assessment, Conflict Management) 
* Master Textile, Master Paints (Mindful Leadership Skills, Professional Skills, Team Building)
* Ecolean (Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Business Writing, Disc Personality Assessment)
* FaujiFoods (Time Management and Stress Management Skills)
* Lahore American School & FINCA (Secretarial Productivity Skills)
* OZI Technologies (10 Points Core Values Drive and Team Building – Outdoors in Kalaash)
* Novatore Solution (Motivational Talk, Personal Effectiveness) 
* CareAxiom (Team Building-Scavenger Hunt in Walled City of Lahore)
* Provincial Youth Assembly (Professional Development – Outdoor in Nathia Gali)
* SKANS (Job Hunting Skills and Professional Development)
* IAS, FAST, UCP, UET, UMT, BZU (Motivational Talks, Personal and Professional Excellence, Stress Management, Psychology of Success, influencing and communicating, personal leadership)

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