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In general i have found people to be very interesting creatures. We Do, Say and Behave in absolutely irrational manner and yet our rationality is logical to us (subjectively). I would like to call humans as “Illogically Rational Beings” because even the most chaotic minds have patterns to them.

Middle Easterners, specially Pakistanis are of the most interesting minds I have studied. Here is some paradoxes so ironical that makes sense.

  1. Moms want their daughters to control their husband and expect their sons to control their wives.
  2. Everything that is run by the government looks very bad except government jobs.
  3. A huge country of more than 20 languages….. united by a foreign language.
  4. Seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than making us feel safe.
  5. We are always in a hurry but never on time.
  6. Holy places are very interesting places – the poor beg outside and the rich beg inside.
  7. We post so many morals in Facebook…. but never follow a single one…!

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Ibrahim Siawash

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